Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Blue Nebula Cigar!

Here is the second of a set of blanks that I bought from pen maker (and blank maker) Jonathan Brooks.  Again, I turned this one into a Cigar style pen the get a good look at it.  I can see already that I will be going back for more!

This particular material ('teal pearl with black') I am going to call 'Blue Nebula' because that makes me happy.  The pics came out OK, but the camera really can't catch the beautiful shimmering swirls in this material.  Truly beautiful!

I have matched the material with a polished steel JoWo fine nib.  And now, I think I will smooth and polish the nib (i.e. 'my excuse the spend some time writing with the pen').

Thanks for looking!



  1. What do you do with these test pens? The red one is amazing.

    1. Thanks, Fred!

      The ones not spoken for go up for sale.

  2. Replies
    1. I'm afraid so. I usually put the 'non-commissioned ones up for sale here (on my website) and on FPN and FPGeeks.

  3. These pens are amazing! This is awesome how you made a simple tool and made it into art. Great job! This is definitely amazing talent.