Saturday, 11 March 2017

'Purity' Style Fountain Pen in Tibaldi Impero Celluloid With Inlay and 18K Nib

Hi folks,

Here is one I just finished today, a custom order for which the customer sent me this lovely celluloid and asked me to turn it into a pen.

The material is a very cool grey-in-blue-matrix which gives it an awesome effect.  And, celluloid!  Love that stuff - turns my workshop into one giant cough drop with all that awesome camphor.  Hard to find, though.   Since the nib that was chosen for this was a two-tone nib, I thought I would add a warm accent inlay into the mix to tie it all together.

Anyhow, this style is a relatively new one, a bit of a take on my 'Simplicity' style (the simple cylinder), but with different diameter cap and barrel and spherically rounded ends.  Makes for a comfortable pen for long writing sessions.

The pen is fitted with an 18K JoWo double broad nib.  The fill system is cartridge/ converter.

Thanks for looking!


1 comment:

  1. Absolutely fantastic! I really like the shape and the spherical ends are so pretty. Well done with the inlay--it really suits the materials, colours and design. Looking forward to inking this one up. :-) blown away as usual. Such great work.